3 06, 2021

Adverse Media – A Better Picture of Risk


Adverse media is defined as leveraging traditional and unstructured news sources as an early indicator of unfavorable information related to an individual or a business. Researching negative press is vital to overall risk management strategies and can be used as a financial crime compliance tool.  Unlike background checks, an adverse media search gathers information from various news outlets to help build a risk profile of individuals or businesses that your company may be considering doing business [...]

Adverse Media – A Better Picture of Risk2021-08-04T12:50:19-04:00
4 03, 2021

AI-Powered Adverse Media Screening is Key to AML Compliance


Adverse Media or “negative news” is any kind of bad or negative information about a  person or business from various sources. Adverse Media screening is a critical aspect of AML compliance as it can be an important early predictor for potential watchlists of sanctions listings, and media outlets and online sources can often identify risk with more agility than government or international watchdogs. Adverse Media screening helps identify and predict red flag behavior linked to money [...]

AI-Powered Adverse Media Screening is Key to AML Compliance2021-08-04T12:44:07-04:00
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