28 09, 2021

Vital4’s take on the PBSA Conference


This year’s PBSA conference was filled with lots of interesting discussions, tons of laughs, and in-depth conversations about the industry’s future! There was plenty of conversation (and some concerns) about recent M&A activities and plenty of buzz around who will be a part of the next big headline in the industry! We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the use of AI & Machine learning in the background screening process (and tenant screening applications) along [...]

Vital4’s take on the PBSA Conference2021-09-28T13:37:45-04:00
23 09, 2021

Regulations To Prepare for 2022


As 2022 quickly approaches there are a few key things that risk and compliance officers should be on the lookout for: BSA and AML/CTF One of the most important things to pay attention to in 2022 is how the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA) and AML/CTF (Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing) regulations will impact businesses. New legislation will require firms to reveal beneficial ownership information to the federal government in the form of the Corporate Transparency Act. [...]

Regulations To Prepare for 20222021-09-23T10:32:11-04:00
19 07, 2021

Sharing Vital4’s Mission at the 2021 ADVANCE Awards Showcase


Vital4 was honored to be chosen as a 2021 TAG FinTech ADVANCE award winner and featured at the ADVANCE Awards Showcase on June 23. Vital4 Co-Founder, President & Chief Customer Officer Amy Barbieri spoke with Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Crystal Edmonson during the showcase about Vital4’s mission, how it all started and the level of industry competition.  “We really started this company at an interesting time,” Amy shared. “We were able to leverage the Cloud and more [...]

Sharing Vital4’s Mission at the 2021 ADVANCE Awards Showcase2021-07-19T14:03:15-04:00
12 07, 2021

What We Learned at FintechSouth


Last week Vital4 had an excellent time at FinTech South, learning about all of the technological growth happening here in Georgia. The collaboration amongst all the companies was refreshing, and it was amazing to meet so many new innovative founders. As a woman-owned business, we loved the focus on diversity and inclusion throughout the conference, and it was so nice to see the number of badass women presenters.  If you weren’t able to attend, here are [...]

What We Learned at FintechSouth2021-07-12T10:21:35-04:00
25 06, 2021

AML Act of 2020


Wealthy and influential individuals and companies have used anonymous entities to hide their wealth, as evidenced in the 2016 Panama Papers and 2020 FinCEN Files Investigations. In January 2021, the FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act became law, including the Anti-Money Laundering Act of 2020 (AMLA 2020). Part of the AMLA 2020 is the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA). The AMLA 2020/CTA amends the Bank Secrecy Act (1970) (among other things) to require that companies (corporations, limited [...]

AML Act of 20202021-08-04T12:51:11-04:00
17 06, 2021

Vital4 is excited to welcome Robin Bienfait to our board!


With previous experience as a Chief Enterprise Innovation officer for Samsung and a prior role as Chief Information Security officer for Blackberry, Robin joins the Vital4 team with expertise in technology management and security compliance. Robin is currently a general partner at Valor Ventures, where she leads the technical due diligence process and serves as the chair of the innovation council. In Robin’s role as general partner she also coordinates portfolio alliances with major enterprise technology [...]

Vital4 is excited to welcome Robin Bienfait to our board!2021-06-17T11:10:57-04:00
15 06, 2021

Protect Patients and Avoid Fines with Automated Medical Sanctions Checks


A medical sanctions check provides insight into a healthcare professional's background, identifying any penalties, suspensions, or disciplinary actions against them. Regulatory guidelines from the U.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) mandate that healthcare organizations can't employ sanctioned vendors or individuals, meaning that anyone who employs medical practitioners, such as physicians and nurses, must conduct regular sanctions checks to avoid being penalized. Violating federal sanctions can result in hefty fines, suspensions, or even possible jail time, [...]

Protect Patients and Avoid Fines with Automated Medical Sanctions Checks2021-08-04T12:50:47-04:00
14 06, 2021

Vital4 Wins 2021 TAG FinTech ADVANCE Awards


The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) has announced Vital4 as one of the 6 2021 TAG FinTech ADVANCE award winners!  “We are so humbled to be recognized as one of the most innovative FinTech companies in Georgia,” commented Kristin Stafford, CEO and co-Founder of Vital4.  Previous winners of the TAG FinTech Advance awards include NCR who was championed for their innovative work in the digital banking space and PayRoc, a processor and payment facilitation powerhouse that [...]

Vital4 Wins 2021 TAG FinTech ADVANCE Awards2021-08-04T12:50:33-04:00
3 06, 2021

Adverse Media – A Better Picture of Risk


Adverse media is defined as leveraging traditional and unstructured news sources as an early indicator of unfavorable information related to an individual or a business. Researching negative press is vital to overall risk management strategies and can be used as a financial crime compliance tool.  Unlike background checks, an adverse media search gathers information from various news outlets to help build a risk profile of individuals or businesses that your company may be considering doing business [...]

Adverse Media – A Better Picture of Risk2021-08-04T12:50:19-04:00
2 06, 2021

Vital4 featured: 14 startups the Metro Chamber says are set to grow


Atlanta Business Chronicle's Erin Schilling featured Vital4 in her article '14 startups the Metro Chamber says are set to grow' as part of the Backed by Atlanta companies chosen by the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. Backed by Atlanta helps middle-market companies with mentorship and networking connections. "The event was held at The Gathering Spot, another Backed by ATL company, and included a live stream. The Gathering Spot CEO Ryan Wilson moderated a panel discussion among some [...]

Vital4 featured: 14 startups the Metro Chamber says are set to grow2021-08-04T12:50:04-04:00
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