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Leverage machine learning and sentiment analysis to automatically scan more than 20,000 global media sources daily, so you can stay in front of potential AML/KYC compliance issues.

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Enhance Your AML Compliance Suite With Adverse Media Screening

Adverse media detection serves as an important early predictor for potential watchlist or sanctions listings, as media outlets can often identify risk with more agility than government or international watchdogs. Red flag behavior linked to money laundering, financial fraud, drug trafficking, human trafficking, risky finances, terrorism — and more — can be better identified and predicted with adverse media screening.

When it comes to knowing who you work with, early detection plays a big role in minimizing third-party risk and ensuring AML/KYC compliance. However, using analysts or legacy technologies to crawl millions of articles each day will never be feasible or cost-effective. That’s where we come in: Our AI-powered platform uses sentiment analysis, machine learning, and a proprietary negative keyword list to automatically filter through the noise and only find relevant data.

What is Sentiment Analysis?

Sentiment Analysis is an analytical technique that uses statistics, natural language processing, and machine learning to determine the emotional meaning of communications. The process computationally identifies and categorizes opinions expressed in a piece of text, especially to determine whether the writer’s attitude towards a particular topic, product, etc. is positive, negative, or neutral. 

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Why Our Adverse Media Searches Are More Accurate, Reliable, And Convenient

Vital4’s cutting-edge proprietary technology helps us cover a wider swath of global media sources with more accuracy and thoroughness than the competition. This means less false positives and more refined profiles of individuals, businesses, and other entities – all delivered within seconds.

How We Deliver Adverse Media Search Results

We’re focused on making compliance as straightforward and painless as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of delivery methods for adverse media search results, including:

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Get More Complete Protection With Continuous Monitoring

When you add ongoing monitoring to VITAL4MEDIA, you’re able to stay updated about potential third-party risks or other AML/KYC compliance issues after an initial screening. Whether you need daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual monitoring, we’ll ensure you receive automatic notifications if individuals or entities are flagged in negative news articles.

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