VITAL4AML/KYC: Data Solutions For Anti-Money Laundering And Know Your Customer Compliance

Fight financial crime and drive smarter compliance decisions with our fully automated, AI-powered AML/KYC data solutions.

Is Your Data Doing Enough To Ensure AML/KYC Compliance?

Proper AML/KYC screening processes are essential for onboarding clients, vendors, and employees while maintaining an accurate assessment of risk. Global AML/KYC regulations mandate that organizations in the financial industry clarify money sources and eliminate any associations with financial crimes, terrorism, or corruption. Otherwise, they face severe financial penalties and reputational damage.

We offer the most compliant AML/KYC search available through our VITAL4AML/KYC data solution, which combines our PEP, Global Watch Lists / Sanctions, Adverse Media, and Global ID Validation offerings into one convenient and comprehensive package. Our platform uses machine learning, AI, sentiment analysis, and other state-of-the-art systems to find blind spots that competitors miss and reduce false positives up to 100%.

How We Use Smarter Data Collection To Secure Your AML/KYC Compliance

While legacy providers rely on expensive human researchers, outdated technologies, and error-prone “fuzzy” name-matching, our multilayered approach lets us deliver the best of both worlds. We provide best-in-class customer service and even better data collection, so you can operate confidently and compliantly.

Build An AML/KYC Compliance Workflow That Fits Your Needs

VITAL4AML/KYC supports a variety of formats for search results, so you can integrate them into existing workflows in a way that makes sense for you. Options include:

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24/7 Continuous Monitoring

Compliance is an ongoing and ever-changing process for global organizations. That’s why all of Vital4’s solutions can be paired with VITAL4Monitoring to alert the customer to changes in a subject or entity record. Whether you need daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual reports, we’ve got you covered around the clock.

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