Kristin Stafford
Founder & CEO

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Vital4. Kristin oversees day to day operations of Vital4 including compliance, customer support, sales & marketing, vendor relations, technology development, and accounting.

Kristin is the former co-founder and managing partner of one of the first independent wholesale international background screening firms in the US. Kristin developed the company from the ground up into a multi-million-dollar business while gaining more than seven years’ experience specific to FCRA compliance, technology, and services. Kristin created & directed the development and full launch of a SaaS due diligence & FCRA search platform. Kristin won a public endorsement for the technology she built from ADP’s Global Chief Security Officer, Roland Cloutier.

She created and implemented FCPA supporting solutions that are utilized today by several companies with a focus on providing vendor due diligence services and meeting their FCPA requirements. She was also entrusted to develop and deliver custom FCPA solutions for a high-profile, global chemical company to enable audit worthy compliance, due to the corporation’s longstanding position in the Top 10 on the FCPAs Target List of US.

Kristin has more than 20 years of experience in operations management, process architecture and software development. She has organized and managed teams of over 100 employees and consultants and brings to the table a vast array of experience in facilitating the requirements of corporate clients in the development and implementation of operations systems management and software development. Before entering the international background screening space, she managed the financial operations of a large Atlanta-based financial services corporation, served as a senior consultant for Delta Technology and Northern Trust Bank and held a management role within a start-up division of GE Capital.

When Kristin isn’t busy running Vital4, she is usually found on the soccer field or running around on some wild adventure with her three children, hubby Scott, and her two fur babies Mable and Dipper.


Amy Barbieri
Co-Founder, Chief Revenue Officer

Amy oversees Vital4’s marketing and business development efforts. Amy brings a wealth of knowledge in international background screening and has worked closely with some of the largest consumer reporting agencies in the world to provide them with the most compliant background screening and due diligence solutions available on the market.

Amy has held several Executive Sales Director and VP positions and has over 17 years’ experience in enterprise sales with 10 years’ experience in technology; specializing in converged communications, integration services, data storage, co-location services and SaaS technology. Amy has over six years’ experience as VP of Business development of a full-service marketing agency that specialized in branding, creative and interactive design, public relations, TV, radio & digital advertising.

Amy brings over five years’ experience in international background screening and corporate risk and compliance solutions. She was the former Director of Strategic Accounts at an international background screening company where she worked closely with her partner Kristin Stafford. Amy was instrumental as the only business development resource in growing the company over 42% in 2015. Kristin Stafford hand selected Amy in 2014 due to her extensive background in technology/business development to help launch a due diligence SaaS platform that Stafford created and designed. The Chief Security Officer of ADP quickly endorsed the software. Amy was successful in enabling the quick adoption of the technology by several of the largest global background screening companies in the world.

Amy’s intimate understanding of international background screening and global due diligence combined with her expertise in cloud software applications makes her a valuable asset to Vital4 and the future growth of the business. She has been a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) since 2014. Amy is also a member of the Society for Corporate Compliance and Ethics.

When Amy isn’t busy selling and marketing, she enjoys spending time with her two teenage daughters and traveling with friends. Amy loves yoga, tennis and working out. Amy also has a passion for food and wine and enjoys the dynamic food scene in Atlanta.


Patrick Deeb
Chief Technology Officer

Patrick brings along with him 20 years of Finance, Accounting, and Information Technology experience. He spent 15 years with a publicly-traded, Fortune 100 Corporation in several roles where he specialized in systems improvement and streamlining processes efficiency. Pat oversaw major components of the design, implementation, and go-live of the company’s full transition to SAP, from a much smaller customized system. He was an integral part of the design of the Finance and Marketing modules, which now serve over 50,000 employees worldwide.

Patrick was consistently recognized by his peers and superiors for his skills in business & technology development and complex problem-solving throughout his tenure with the company. Patrick’s roles throughout his career have required him to be in strict compliance with the FCPA and included mandatory annual certification as part of his employment. Before these roles, he was an auditor with one of the big four Accounting Firms and was responsible for the audits of several Fortune 500 clients.

From a very early age, Patrick showed a unique interest in technological systems and software development. He is completely self-taught in several Object-Oriented Coding languages and database systems and is highly sought-after by co-workers, family, and friends to aid in solutions to issues in all fields of Information Technology.

When Patrick isn’t busy with work, he likes to spend time with his twins. Patrick also loves to write, record, and produce music.


Dawn Marchand
Chief Compliance and Operating Executive

Dawn was one of a limited few that contributed initially to the start-up phase alongside Kristin Stafford at one of the first independent wholesale international background screening firms in the US. Her contributions in product development & management, compliance, vendor management, resource allocation, process mapping & improvement and quality assurance provided her with expertise in many areas required for Vital4’s success.

After accepting a highly sought opportunity in the film industry and obtaining an entirely new skillset in large budget logistics and coordination, Kristin lured her back to the team as a founder and partner of Vital4.

As the business leader of compliance and GBS product management, Dawn has been critical in the research, analysis, development, pricing, implementation and compliance management of over 3,000 services in over 220 countries worldwide.

Dawn has established working relationships with over 70 different countries government agencies and worked with suppliers from all over the world. Dawn’s continuous audit of Vital4’s services and the data privacy laws that govern them are essential to the continued success and growth of the organization..


Scott Stafford
Chief Information Officer

Scott Stafford joined Vital4 in mid-2016 and has proven to be an exceptional resource to the Vital4 team. Scott manages all business aspects of the development lifecycle and ensures successful delivery of all related products and services.

Scott brings a wealth of knowledge and experience related to cloud technology applications, as well as, over 15 years contributing and managing all aspects of a software development lifecycle including, use case studies, process engineering, requirements, design, user test case documentation, technical writing and training, user testing, solution design, integration and implementation.

Scott came to Vital4 from IBM where he held a role as the Senior Product Owner for the “Innovation Team” of IBM’s Cloud Technology Division. Over the last several years Scott has managed CRM integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Sugar, and NetSuite. He also managed the prioritization for all system enhancements within the Agile Framework and lead an internal Scrum Team with 6 engineers, 2 QAs and a UX Architect. Scott also managed design and implementation of security architecture using “OAUTH”.

When Scott isn’t busy keeping up with all things technology at Vital4 he can be found in his Birkenstocks relaxing on the lake with his three kids, friends and family.

Lindsay Earwood
VITAL4Search Program Manager

Lindsay joined Vital4 in late 2016 and serves as the Program Manager for our search SaaS platform. Lindsay and her team perform extensive research and documentation of source information for all Vital4’s search products. They continuously audit all data sources across the platform to keep Vital4’s search platform updated and relevant. Lindsay ensures Vital4’s search platform meets clients evolving needs from a data, technical and a business perspective.

Lindsay has several years’ prior experience with an international background screening company as the lead in the support and development of a SaaS platform that provided complex data to CRA’s (Consumer Reporting Agencies). She oversaw all pre & post development source and data research and management to ensure use of the technology was accurate and compliant at all times. Lindsay was also responsible for providing critical input and internal training and support while managing solution design for existing and potential clients of the compliance software platform marketed.

Lindsay’s experience in this specialty niche space is of great value to Vital4. Lindsay brings innovative ideas to the Vital4’s search platform as the company continuously evolves and enhances the platform to support the ever-changing needs of the global compliance landscape.


Tracey Rucker
Senior Director, Partner Services

Tracey was an original contributor and management team member alongside Kristin Stafford at one of the first independent wholesale international background screening firms in the US. Tracey developed expertise in all aspects of Global Due Diligence and Background Screening Operations, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Compliance, Change Management, User Implementation & Training, Key Account Management, Client Services, Vendor Management & Global Product Analysis & Processing, Process Mapping and System Documentation.

As a founding partner and Director of Operations, Tracey has utilized every aspect of her vast skill set and experience to ensure the current and future success of Vital4.

Her established and long-standing relationships with many Consumer Reporting Agencies around the world now provide Vital4 with strong strategic partnerships that would typically take years to cultivate and achieve. As a partner and Director of Operations, Tracey delivers an exceptional level of quality in all areas of her extensive experience and is a critical contributor to the organization.

Tracey has been a member of NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) since 2009.


Tracey Clarkson
Chief Financial Officer

Tracey is an accomplished CFO and COO with more than 30 years of corporate finance, operations, accounting, human resources and executive management experience. She has worked extensively with distressed corporations, and is a hands-on problem solver; adept at risk management and mitigation, with substantive negotiation and team-building skills. As a CFO with emerging, growth and mid-market companies, Tracey’s experience spans in everything from helping to launch start-up enterprises to successful turnaround engagements.

Tracey has in depth experience in business consulting, cash management, resource allocation and long term strategic planning. She is known as a quick study with a passion for her work and prides herself on getting more done with less. After rising through the ranks to CFO at a long time corporate restaurant company, Tracey was able to double revenues, put the company back on solid financial footing by implementing contemporary business and operational processes. From there, she moved into business consulting as a CFO/COO.

For more than twenty years, Tracey has held many positions as both consultant and CFO across a wide range of industries. She has experience in leading teams of more than 100 employees and has helped to take several companies into both the Inc 500 and the Inc 5000 programs after making them GAAP compliant. She is a member of the Institute of Management Accountants, the National Society of Accountants, and is a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.