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Hire With Confidence Using High Quality FCRA-Compliant Background Screening

May 4th, 2021|

Pre-employment screening is a critical aspect of the hiring process today as it helps businesses find the best employees and ensure that the workplace is safe. Hiring unqualified or risky employees results in higher turnover, lower productivity, and increased compliance risk for [...]

Biometrics Technologies – Recapping 2020 and 2021 Predictions from IDmission

April 21st, 2021|

Our friends at IDmission recently published a blog post detailing their industry predictions for 2021 and even featured some insights from our very own Founder & CEO, Kristin Stafford. Keep scrolling to see what they had to share: 2020 was an unpredictable [...]

Optimize Your Global Watchlist and Sanctions Screening with AI-Powered Solution for Continuous Monitoring

April 1st, 2021|

Best-practice compliance doesn’t stop after an initial screening. In fact, many global regulators require continuous monitoring to meet their standards for internal and third-party risk management. Governments and international organizations compile global watchlists to identify entities linked to crime, corruption, terrorism, money [...]

Vital4 Expands into Europe to Further our Fight against Financial Crime

March 18th, 2021|

In December 2020, the EU’s Sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (6AMLD) came into effect, resulting in even more stringent AML regulations for businesses operating within the EU. To support EU countries as they navigate the 6AMLD, Vital4 is thrilled to announce they will [...]

AI-Powered Adverse Media Screening is Key to AML Compliance

March 4th, 2021|

Adverse Media or “negative news” is any kind of bad or negative information about a  person or business from various sources. Adverse Media screening is a critical aspect of AML compliance as it can be an important early predictor for potential watchlists [...]

Outdated PEP profiles endanger your risk mitigation and compliance process

February 17th, 2021|

Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) are individuals connected to high-level government roles, either directly, through family members, or close personal and business relationships. PEPs are considered high-risk customers or employees due to their proximity to power, which offers more opportunities to engage in [...]

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