VITAL4TRACE: Social Security trace data to identify name and address history 

Enhanced technology, powered by machine learning, applies customized filters for better name matching and reduction in false positives.

Improve your preemployment screening process with VITAL4TRACE

Social Security trace searches are performed with every background check to indicate the name and address history of an applicant. SSN trace will also confirm whether the Social Security number is valid and matches the candidate’s name and address history. SSN trace will give insight into which jurisdictions should be searched.  

The search is typically the first step and often combined with a NatCrim search to confirm or to indicate potential criminal record history. This information is used as an indicator of potential risk a candidate could pose to an organization.

Reduce the Frustration of Sorting Through Mounds of Data with Customizable Filtering

VITAL4TRACE maximizes search results while reducing false positives through entity resolution capabilities powered by machine learning. 

How We Deliver SSN Trace Search Results

We’re focused on making compliance as straightforward and painless as possible. That’s why we offer a variety of delivery methods for SSN trace search results, including:

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