Adverse Media or “negative news” is any kind of bad or negative information about a  person or business from various sources. Adverse Media screening is a critical aspect of AML compliance as it can be an important early predictor for potential watchlists of sanctions listings, and media outlets and online sources can often identify risk with more agility than government or international watchdogs. Adverse Media screening helps identify and predict red flag behavior linked to money laundering, financial fraud, drug trafficking, risky finances, and terrorism. 

While early detection can play a huge role in minimizing third-party risk and ensuring AML/KYC compliance, legacy technologies present significant challenges that can often lead to inaccurate results. In today’s vast media environment, it’s difficult to determine what information is valid, and using analysts or legacy solutions is no longer a feasible or cost-effective option. That’s why Vital4 created a more accurate, reliable, and convenient Adverse Media screening solution.

Vital4’s AI-powered platform, VITAL4MEDIA, uses AI and a proprietary negative keyword list to automatically filter through the noise and only find relevant data. This means fewer false positives and more refined profiles of individuals, businesses, and other entities –all delivered in seconds. VITAL4MEDIA scans tens of thousands of global media sources and millions of articles each day, ensuring that if there’s a news story our clients need to know about, they’ll have access to the information right away. 

Our platform is not only easy to integrate, but also makes it quick and easy to add or remove sources as needed. We offer ongoing monitoring so that you can stay updated about potential third-party risks or other AML/KYC compliance issues after the initial screening if you’d like. Whether you need daily, monthly, quarterly, or annual monitoring, we ensure that you receive notifications on flagged negative news articles.

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