16 09, 2020

VITAL4 CEO Interviewed in Forbes on hiring for Startups

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Vital4 CEO Kristin Stafford was recently featured by Geri Stengel in a Forbes magazine article where they talked about the difficulties of hiring top talent for Startups.  In the article, Kristin Stafford describes her journey to hire a data scientist to help her build Vital4 into a SaaS company that uses AI and machine learning to fully automate the process of collecting and correlating tens of thousands of publicly available data feeds. Kristin's passion attracted top [...]

21 08, 2019

CEO Kristin Stafford Interview With PetaCrunch

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PC: How did it all start and why? KS: We started VITAL4 with 4 principals in mind: Compliance, Accuracy, Coverage and Value. We sought out to perfect due diligence through providing data to companies to mitigate risk. It’s as simple as this; we wanted to make the world a safer place using the most advanced technology available to us today. Click Here to Read the Rest of this Interview

14 07, 2019

Vital4 Raises $1.1 Million In Additional Funding For Product Innovation And International Growth

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Q: You’ve recently announced $1.1m in Venture Round???; could you tell us something more? A: In an effort to keep up with the growing demands of our products and technology, Vital4 received $1.1 million in additional funding to expand product innovation and growth internationally. We found that Vital4 was drawing high demand very quickly and this is the perfect time to expand in our geographical footprint, client base and continue to enhance product features and develop [...]

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