Pre-employment screening is a critical aspect of the hiring process today as it helps businesses find the best employees and ensure that the workplace is safe. Hiring unqualified or risky employees results in higher turnover, lower productivity, and increased compliance risk for your clients. Unfortunately, pre-employment screening can come with significant challenges such as incomplete coverage, missing key data points, or producing false positives that can jeopardize your business relationships. That’s why Vital4 created a smarter approach to pre-employment screening that offers the highest quality data in real-time, reaching across the globe. 

Improve Your Bottom Line With Comprehensive Screening 

Vital4’s International Pre-Employment Screening can enhance your background check capabilities outside of the US so that you can provide the most effective and affordable solutions for your clients. By leveraging our comprehensive international screening services, you can quickly and accurately verify a wide range of professional qualifications, employment histories, credit reports, and criminal backgrounds for potential recruits who have lived, worked, or have been educated outside of the US. When you need a non-domestic criminal check, verification, or simple motor vehicle records search, we can help your clients hire with confidence. 

Expand Your Reach Across The Globe 

We offer the highest quality, most compliant background screening services on the market, so you can screen candidates without sacrificing peace of mind. As pioneers in international background screening, we know what it takes to conduct compliant pre-employment checks across the globe. With 3,000 screening products spanning 240 countries and territories, we understand data privacy laws in all of the countries that we offer services. We can identify the specific limitations of each location as well as what information you can access while adhering to the location’s formal regulations. 

Hassle-Free Premium Data 

There are several options available to access Vital4’s data and services. Vital4’s cloud-based dashboard is seamless and straightforward, allowing you to generate precise record details on any of your client’s potential employees and view status updates and alerts. Vital4’s data solutions are also accessible via API integration. Vital4 can integrate screening criteria in a way that best suits your unique preferences and workflows.

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