Vital4 is excited to announce an expansion of our popular VITAL4CRIM screening services product. Optimizing your screening process is now easier with VITAL4CRIM, which streamlines the criminal database search process by collecting data from thousands of sources at the federal, state, county, and local levels. These sources include Arrest Records, Sex Offenders, Escapee lists, Warrant lists, Inmate rosters, Child Support Violations, Career Offenders, and dozens of others. This data is updated and collected in real-time to provide you with the most up-to-date reports of court records. VITAL4CRIM delivers unparalleled service with its global coverage and accuracy, all while being competitively priced. 

VITAL4CRIM delivers two data products to meet your varied compliance needs, one of which is available now and the second coming soon. The first of these two data products, VITAL4CRIM Intelligence, is perfect for global compliance and other due diligence purposes. Intelligence can enhance your criminal screening capabilities by providing real-time quality data and pertinent information during the screening process. The second data product, VITAL4CRIM Trust, will be available soon. Trust will provide collected and managed data that complies with FCRA regulation and will be able to be utilized in the onboarding process and pre/post-employment screening. 

VITAL4CRIM was designed to be versatile in order to fit your needs by offering customizable filters that will improve your criminal database search. The filters are easily adjusted by you and your team to improve efficiency and ensure the most accurate results. Our platform also employs National Language Processing (NLP) technology to minimize false positives by using AI algorithms that only extract the most relevant information. 

When using the VITAL4CRIM criminal database search tool, you can ensure the compliance and safety of your work environment by getting data in real-time, straight from the source. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our screening solutions.