The Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) announced the 2021 TAG Fintech ADVANCE Award finalists. Vital4 is excited to be included as a finalist in the TAG FinTech Advance Awards! The winners will be announced at the Fintech South conference in Atlanta on 6/22.

“While a lot of attention is given to startups, TAG Fintech ADVANCE Award winners will be those companies, which are in production, bringing measurable results and generally advancing the financial industry through the use of technology. Winners are also expected to show a connection to Georgia, such as a corporate presence in the state, strategic partners, customers, board members or other relationships that have helped the company to prosper.

The TAG FinTech ADVANCE program recognizes innovative U.S. FinTech companies with ties to Georgia.
Unlike start-ups, ADVANCE companies have customers, revenues and can demonstrate results that they are helping the financial industry move forward through innovation. This award is open to technology firms of all sizes, even large, established companies that are providing technology, growing, and making a difference.

TAG FinTech ADVANCE companies will:

• Be recognized on stage at the FinTech South conference on June 22-24, 2021

• Featured in the program and on the society’s website

• Included in a press announcement from TAG

• One executive from each of the winning companies will be featured in a series of interviews in the ADVANCE Awards Showcase at Fintech South on June 23 from 3:30pm – 5:30pm Eastern Time”