This year’s PBSA conference was filled with lots of interesting discussions, tons of laughs, and in-depth conversations about the industry’s future!

There was plenty of conversation (and some concerns) about recent M&A activities and plenty of buzz around who will be a part of the next big headline in the industry! We spent a considerable amount of time discussing the use of AI & Machine learning in the background screening process (and tenant screening applications) along with ways to improve the process to provide more accurate results. Monitoring is still a hot topic, and it was great to hear about what customers want and how CRA’s are positioning monitoring to the end customer.

Vital4 would like to congratulate Judy Gootkind of Creative Services for being presented with the Mike Sankey lifetime achievement award for all of her amazing contributions to PBSA and the industry throughout her career. We’d also like to congratulate Kelly Uebel for being appointed the New Chair of PBSA. We’re looking forward to all of the work that she will be doing for PBSA in the future. We’d also like to thank Michelle Leblonde for serving as the 2020-2021 chair and for helping to put together such a great event.

Overall, we had a blast at this year’s event!

Finally, seeing everyone in person was wonderful, as we’ve missed so many of our colleagues over the past two years. We truly missed the annual sales-free zone party, but Vital4 had a big time Accio’s 80’s themed dance party. Thank you, Accio and Galen Svanas for a great time.

Thank you again to everyone that stopped by our booth this year to learn more about Vital4; we look forward to meeting more of you guys in the future!