On October 26-29, Money20/20 is hosting their first-ever MoneyFest, a virtual event that highlights what would’ve been brought in their live shows in 2020 if it wasn’t for Covid. MoneyFest will be free and available to the entire money ecosystem, both stream-lived and on demand. 

The MoneyFest virtual event includes 100+ industry speakers, 20 keynotes, 15 deep-dive panel discussions, and live Q&As. The agenda is packed full of incredible industry experts discussing what’s next for the money ecosystem. Here are a few sessions you should look out for: 


Maintaining the Ultimate Work/Life Balance in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

Genevieve Dozier, Fiserv, Michelle Beyo, Finavator INC, 10/27 1:55PM-2:30PM

The only thing constant is change. From your first job, relationships, perhaps starting your own business to external forces such as COVID-19, shifting government regulation or consumer behavior – it’s everywhere, all the time. During coronavirus, many of these changes have collided, impacting women in business in particular. How do you experience fulfillment whilst creating a legacy (and juggling more work/life pressures than ever)? This session will outline best practices and real world examples on how you can continue to expand your knowledge and network – and still rise up.


The End of “Alternative” in Alternative Data”

Melissa Koide, FinRegLab, Nicky Goulimis, Nova Credit, 10/28 1:40PM-2:05PM

Traditional datasets deployed by banks and lenders in the U.S. have historically reinforced inequality and perpetuated the exclusion of much of the population from the U.S. financial system. But now, datasets that were traditionally considered “alternative” are being used to make decisions on applicants who would have previously been ostracised from the financial system. Learn how banks and lenders are leveraging harmonised data sources from international credit, bank transactions and employment/income verification to break down the barriers of domestic credit data, for a fuller picture of a consumer’s financial health.


CEO Unplugged – The Rise of Extreme Digitisation

Judith Erwin, Grasshopper Bank, Ryan Caldwell, MX, Brigid McDermott, IBM, 10/28 2:25PM-2:45PM

Stay at-home orders have shut down in-person interactions for the better part of 2020, but they had quite the opposite effect on digitisation. Almost overnight, the need for digital banking exploded; leading banks and fintechs are meeting the moment with extreme digitisation to strengthen operations and enhance the customer experience. From AI and automation, to CX and cost savings, this panel of CEOs will debate and discuss their paths to digital transformation, along with the strategies and partnerships they embarked on along the way.


COVID-19’s Impact on the Future of Fintech

Adam Dell, Clarity Money, Ainsley Harris, Fast Company, 10/29 1:10PM-1:30PM

With online banking surging due to the pandemic, banks and fintechs are gearing up to handle the digital transformation and keep up with the evolving consumer experience. Overnight, many consumers went from utilizing branches to needing frictionless, contact-free money movement. Adam Dell, will speak to how consumer banking will need to leverage new technology, and the lasting impact the pandemic will have on the financial industry.


Allyship is More than a Marketing Plan: How to Have Courageous Conversations about Race

Nicole Baxby, Featurespace, Louise Maynard-Atem, Experian, Rawan Shawar, ACI Worldwide, 10/29 2:25PM-3PM

In a year marked by events of tragedy and division, we have seen companies issue public statements and build on their diversity and inclusion plans in a push for change. In this session, our panelists continue the global conversation about racial equity, discussing how biases can damage both your employees and your bottom line. Listen as they delve into actionable takeaways for leaders to better serve their employees, customers and communities.


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