New Product Announcement September 7th, 2022 Atlanta, GA – Vital4, is an award-winning global technology company that provides critical data to organizations for pre-employment background screening, regulatory compliance and to help mitigate third-party risk. Vital4 was founded with four fundamental concepts in mind: compliance, accuracy, global insight, and value.  

Vital4 has officially released Vital4Trace just in time to offer their customers special pricing and testing during the PBSA conference in Denver, CO, September 11th-13th, 2022. Vital4Trace provides information on a candidate’s name and address history, and additionally can also confirm whether a Social Security number is valid and matches the candidate’s name and address history.  

This product release comes on the heels of the recent release of the Vital4Crim Intelligence solution that provides national criminal records from thousands of sources at the federal, state, county, and local level to maintain their proprietary criminal database. Vital4Crim and Vital4Trace can now be combined and used as a risk indicator of the potential risk a candidate could pose to an organization.  


Why conduct an SSN trace or address history search? 

Candidates often leave out important information on an employment application. Sometimes they are trying to avoid the information being found in a particular location and sometimes they may think that the information isn’t important enough to include.  

Vital4Trace will uncover where a candidate resides or has resided in the past and any aliases the candidate has used to uncover locations and dates of where that person has lived.  

An SSN trace will identify address history associated with the social security number of an applicant which can be used as a pointer of where the background check company needs to go to conduct a more in-depth search of criminal records.  


 Vital4Trace offers the following benefits: 

  • Reduced frustration of sorting through irrelevant data with technology powered by Machine learning
  • Massively scalable via the state-of-the-art Vital4Search cloud-based platform
  • Covers 95% of the US adult population
  • Easy to integrate via API
  • Less duplicates
  • Cost-effective 



The powerful search platform, Vital4Search, was built with a “tech first” approach anchored by AI and Machine learning and is the world’s fastest and most accurate proprietary data search technology on the market today. Vital4Search solves enterprise compliance problems by eliminating slow update cycles, shallow source pools and reducing the human error risk of manual legacy processes. Vital4 provides data solutions to thousands of users in banking, gaming, identity, gig economy, GRC, legal, insurance and the largest background screening companies in the world put their trust in Vital4.