It’s Time to Upgrade to Next-Gen Technology

Out With The Old

Ditch the legacy, old-school platforms, and embrace cutting edge technology that delivers tailor-made solutions for you and your business. Vital4 has automated these manual processes, offering real-time, custom data – reducing false positives and increasing compliance.

This increases organizational efficiency, reduces technology maintenance, and eliminates overhead needed to constantly refresh data.

Increased Efficiency

Increase efficiency while reducing man-hours with AI Machine Learning. This technology brings new features and new data streams to your business.

In The Cloud

Our platform was designed from the ground up in the Cloud, which makes it scalable and cost-efficient. Cloud servers ensure instant backups for disaster recovery.

Automated Updates

Automated updates translate to significantly less downtime for updates, releases and maintenance, which is crucial to our 24/7 customers.

Streamline Your Workflow

Conduct data research
Paste into a spreadsheet
Upload into database
Manually clean up data
Data reporting
Questionable output
Data is sourced, saved, & uploaded automatically by Vital4’s proprietary system
Key information can be easily reported on by stakeholders

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