A medical sanctions check provides insight into a healthcare professional’s background, identifying any penalties, suspensions, or disciplinary actions against them. Regulatory guidelines from the U.S. Office of the Inspector General (OIG) mandate that healthcare organizations can’t employ sanctioned vendors or individuals, meaning that anyone who employs medical practitioners, such as physicians and nurses, must conduct regular sanctions checks to avoid being penalized. Violating federal sanctions can result in hefty fines, suspensions, or even possible jail time, not to mention put a patient’s health or safety at risk.

Healthcare organizations must protect themselves and their patients against sanctioned practitioners. Unfortunately, legacy screening providers often provide outdated, burdensome, and expensive compliance solutions that can put healthcare organizations at risk. That’s why Vital4 created an efficient and accurate way to screen employees against medical sanctions that ensures your organization meets the most stringent U.S. healthcare regulations. 

AI is Key to Smarter Medical Sanctions 

By working with VITAL4MED, you will obtain complete oversight of any individuals barred from healthcare programs and avoid hiring high-risk entities. Vital4’s data collection leverages the power of AI to help you meet healthcare compliance regulations with ease and accuracy, verifying any healthcare practitioners through a cloud-based, continuously updated database. 

Vital4 automates the search by screening subjects against all federal and state sanctions lists, including OIG, SAM.GOV, DOJ, DEA, CMS, and many more. You can also proactively monitor any healthcare employee, get alerts for any sanctioned candidate, and receive clear insights on the violation source, sanction status, and the reason for the penalty.

Robust Results and Seamless Reporting

We can deliver our data in various formats so that you can quickly assimilate it into your existing workflows. We also offer around-the-clock compliance monitoring for your healthcare employees. Healthcare regulations are constantly changing, and our platform can automatically update records with real-time alerts, saving you time and keeping your organization compliant.

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