Proprietary Criminal Certificate Validation (CCV) Services

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Data privacy laws are continuously changing and becoming stricter on the processing of personal data in many countries outside the U.S. Compliance presents a big challenge for the international background screenings service market.

One of the biggest challenges is when a country’s data privacy law prohibits a third-party, such as VITAL4 or other background screening providers, to obtain criminal background checks on a candidate. To remedy this reoccurring problem VITAL4 offers a unique solution, the Criminal Certificate Validation (CCV) service.

Cost-Effective Solution

Our proprietary CCV service is an attractive alternative to traditional international pre-employment criminal checks, taking the guesswork out of international screening!

Fast Turnaround Times

The CCV service has faster turnaround times and often is much less expensive than typical international criminal checks. We are the experts, so you don’t have to be.

Compliant Solution

A compliant alternative solution when an individual has worked, lived, or been educated outside of the US and the data privacy laws in that country or region prohibit third-party access to criminal history records.

Proudly Trusted by the World’s Largest CRAs

Vital4 validates the criminal clearance certificate through a multi-step process. This service utilizes VITAL4’s own proprietary database of original criminal certificates from all over the world to compare security features which may include but are not limited to; watermarks, signatures and other embedded features that are specific to that country’s criminal certificate issuance. Based on our extensive document library we are able to easily identify a fraudulent document and report this information back to the CRA. The service also validates the criminal certificate directly through the government source, in countries where available.

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