This year’s PBSA mid-year  conference was very informative, filled with lots of great discussions, and a lot of fun!

During this conference, there was a lot of buzz about the many companies currently going through the rebranding and restructuring phase after last year’s heap of mergers and acquisitions. As the industry enters a new era, many companies want to know how this ripple effect will affect how other companies position themselves.

Unlike many conferences, there is always an emphasis on learning at PBSA. Both the speakers and the organizers of this year’s event really focused on making sure that attendees left knowledgeable about the latest trends, global news about screening and compliance, and things we can look forward to in the future. Many of the CRAs at this year’s event mentioned how this year’s experience was phenomenal as the knowledge being shared during discussions and speaking sessions was insightful and timely with everything currently going on across the industry.

The KYC session brought so much awareness to the importance of compliance and how it can affect one’s business. The war in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia served as an awakening for many companies to better their KYC compliance protocol and put better screening capabilities and high-quality data in place to make sure they’re meeting all standard and regulatory expectations.

Overall, this year’s event was definitely a fan favorite for many of the attendees, including the Vital4 Team! It was great to see everyone in person again and catch up with so many of our colleagues as we haven’t seen some people in over two years! Thank you again to everyone that stopped at the V4 booth to learn more about our screening products, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!