We are proud to sponsor the PBSA virtual conference. Here are some of the sessions that you should look out for:

Day 2 (9/15/2020)

International Track:
Quick, the Auditors are Here. Where is the Vendor Contract and What’s in it?
Kerstin Bagus, NetForce Global LLC; Kevin Coy, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP; Mark Sward, Sterling 9/15 12:15PM – 12:45PM

Vendor Management is more than a purchasing function. Certain contractual language may be required (GDPR, Privacy Shield). Specific compliance requirements may be required (CCPA). A level of accountability to clients, internal management, and regulators must be met. If a data breach occurs, or information is misused, you may be on the hook even if you did not know about it. Any company using vendors may need to adhere to these requirements. This session reviews critical contractual and accountability requirements.

COVID-19, Remote Employees, and the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape
Montserrat Miller, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP; Kevin Coy, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP; Kristin Adams, Aon; CJ Dietzman, Aon | 9/15 2:15PM – 2:45PM

COVID-19 has turned our workplaces upside down and companies of all sizes are adjusting to the new “normal” of remote employees. Now, entire workforces may be working remotely and not returning to their offices until next year (at the earliest). This session will focus on the current cyber threat landscape, challenges of remote work, compliance, and common practices for protecting and retaining consumer data, concerns for the cyber environment and reputational risk, cyber insurance, and data breaches.

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Day 1

Sometimes it’s hard to pick – these first 3 sessions are all concurrent, but for different audiences and since it’s a virtual conference, we’re sure you’ll be able to watch some of them later.

Tenant Track:
Tenant Screening in a Virtual World
Katie Hawkins, Hudson Cook LLP; Jennifer Sarvadi, Hudson Cook LLP | 9/14 11:15PM – 1:45PM

A variety of consumer transactions are moving to the online space – including leasing.  What does that mean for tenant screening?  This session will explore compliance considerations including privacy and security issues, online applications, proper use of tools to verify identity, electronic payments and signatures, and electronic delivery of adverse action notices.  The speakers will address the variety of laws and considerations specific to conducting business online, with an eye towards those applicable to tenant screening.

Legal/Compliance Track:
Upstream, Downstream, You Scream, I Scream: Compliance Considerations When Buying and Selling Data
Erin Novak, Montgomery McCraken Walker Rhoads LLP | 9/14 1:15PM – 1:45PM

Whether you are buying or selling consumer information, you want to make sure your information is accurate, up to date, and FCRA compliant. But what happens when you suspect your upstream or downstream business partners are less focused on compliance than you are? This session will address some common pitfalls and practices when dealing with business partners whose FCRA compliance procedures may be a bit fishy.

Business Track:
The Cost of Not Knowing Your Vendor Network
Kevin Horval, IntelliCorp Records; Andy Hellman, Accurate Background | 9/14 1:15PM – 1:45PM

Screeners are increasingly being challenged by their customers to demonstrate their vendors have gone through a solid vendor credentialing component. Regulators and plaintiffs use vendor credentialing information (or lack of them) as reasons for negative findings. This session will provide suggestions for how to credential a new vendor, ongoing assessments, and how to document proof.

General Session:
The World is Upside-down. So What Now?
Pamela Q. Devata, Seyfarth Shaw LLP | 9/14 4PM – 5PM

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months. From a shelter in place to rush to hire, to court closings, and alternative resources. But one thing has remained constant-the need to be compliant. This session will focus on new legal trends and theories, hot issues for regulators, COVID specific challenges, and what your clients expect from you during these challenging times. 

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