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Elevate your solutions with a cutting-edge data partner


Access a broad range of information across multiple industries including Watchlist, PEP, Adverse Media, and much more data – through just one vendor.


Get customized solutions for your organization and embrace next-generation technology to reduce false positives up to 100%.


Have confidence in your data by working with a partner that puts transparency first so that you know exactly where data is coming from and how relevant it is.

What makes us stand apart from the rest

  • Real-time data means no more delays in data-feeds and decreased risk exposure.

  • Reduce false positives by bidding farewell to risky obsolete data and manual processes.

  • Our RESTful API is robust and user-friendly, making it easy to integrate into your already-existing processes.

  • Eliminate human errors in data capture and parsing with AI name-matching.

  • Improve remediation speed with relevant data so your customers can onboard faster.

  • Customize the data you provide your customers to zero in on the key information they’re looking for.

Here’s how you can partner with us:



Enhance your data offerings for your clients with real-time data and next-gen technology. Even customize your datasets to deliver the insights that your customers want to see.

Systems Integrator

Systems Integrator

Upgrade your AML/KYC compliance performance, reduce false positives and improve remediation times with our RESTful API that is user-friendly and simple to integrate into your existing processes.



Ensure your customers get quick, relevant data solutions while avoiding common issues with legacy API integration by referring them to an industry-leading data partner.

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