Our Technology Stands Out in the Crowd

Simple User Interface Designed for You

Vital4’s easy-to-use UI provides a user-experience that requires minimal training for Microsoft-office level users to retrieve key data as needed. Our SaaS solutions ensure an integration-free experience for quick-setup needs. Our UI delivers auditable system-of-record functionality.

Vital4’s platform has 99.98% uptime offering customers reliable, accurate data around the clock.

  • User-Friendly API

    Our robust RESTful API and features can be easily integrated directly into your process. Our single-call per response architecture also makes API integrations easy to set up and deliver.

  • Simple Integration

    Initial data-integration is complete in mere hours and, depending on the use-case and resources committed, full systems integrations typically take days not months.

  • World-Class Data

    Improve your remediation speed with relevant data. The difference between us and competitors lies in how our data is filtered and parsed to deliver the most relevant and accurate information with the least false positives.

  • Answers to Your Search

    Millions of records are sourced daily and available for search within seconds of automated retrieval. Avoid missing critical results from limited profile queries with real-time, dynamic full- database searches.

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