Case Study:

Could You Have a Terrorist Working for Your Organization? It’s Not as Far-Fetched as You Might Think

In the ever-evolving landscape of workforce risk management, organizations face unprecedented challenges. Imagine the unthinkable — a potential threat within your ranks. This is an important account of Vital4’s collaboration with a leading global provider of technology-driven workforce risk management and compliance solutions. For confidentiality reasons, references to the client [Screening Provider] have been redacted throughout this case study.  

Since 2017, Vital4 and [Screening Provider] have collaborated to empower organizations globally in mitigating risks within their workforce. Vital4’s innovative approach to data collection, driven by Artificial Intelligence, combined with [Screening Provider]’s comprehensive screening solutions, creates a formidable alliance dedicated to making the world safer. 

A Potential Threat in Disguise 

In a shocking turn of events, a regulated company unknowingly hired an individual with a dark past. The employee, [Name Redacted], had successfully passed a standard criminal background check. However, suspicions arose when unusual behavior was reported to HR. 

Upon investigation, it was revealed that this employee had ties to terrorism and a criminal history. The conviction was beyond the standard reporting limit, leaving it undetected in the initial background check. This alarming revelation prompted a closer look at the screening process. You may be wondering how a convicted individual with ties to terrorism could land a position in a regulated company, even after a background check. The reality is that the conviction fell outside the standard 7-year reporting limit, evading detection in the initial screening. 

Global Sanctions Check 

The screening provider performed a Global Sanctions Check on the employee, powered by Vital4’s watchlist data, to conduct a more comprehensive check. The global sanctions check scours thousands of registries, identifying restricted, sanctioned, and prohibited individuals globally. In this case, it unearthed critical information about the employee’s association with terrorism, providing aliases, charges, and even a reward on their head. 

The Importance of Watchlist Screening 

This incident underscores a crucial lesson for organizations — local criminal background checks alone may not unveil hidden threats. In this instance, the conviction fell outside the reporting window, rendering it invisible in traditional screenings. The integration of watchlist checks becomes imperative to identify individuals with alarming backgrounds. 

Strengthening Your Defense 

In a world where risks are evolving, organizations must adapt their screening processes. The partnership between Vital4 and [Screening Provider] stands as a testament to the effectiveness of combining advanced technology with comprehensive screening solutions. This case study underscores a critical lesson: relying solely on local criminal background checks may not suffice. The integration of watchlist checks is imperative to help unveil hidden risks that could compromise your organization’s safety and reputation. 

At Vital4, we advocate for the incorporation of Watchlist and sanction screening in both pre-and post-employment screening and monitoring. It’s a proactive measure that is intended to help shield your organization from potential harm and reinforces the importance of a comprehensive screening approach in today’s dynamic risk landscape. 

Engaging in risky business relationships with suspicious parties can result in severe regulatory penalties, financial loss, and reputational damage, but manually monitoring global databases for compliance can be an administrative quagmire that requires significant resources and power. Our AI-powered search platform, VITAL4Search, delivers an automated suite of data solutions that offer more accurate data with less legwork. To learn more about VITAL4WLS and our other AI-driven data solutions for risk screening and monitoring, click here.  

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