Accuracy Matters: Vital4 vs. Competitors in SSN Background Checks 

Inaccurate Data Leads to Increased Costs and Risks

In the world of pre-employment screening, the importance of accurate Social Security Number (SSN) tracing cannot be overstated. Employers rely on this information to make informed decisions about potential hires. However, recent observations in the industry reveal alarming issues with competitors’ SSN trace services. We sat down with Vital4’s Director of Strategic Accounts, Kym Kurey, to shed light on some of the key challenges and critical issues that we’re seeing with competitors. 

The most glaring concern we’ve witnessed is that competitors often return information associated with a Social Security Number, but it is not the real SSN, amplifying the risk of inadvertently validating fraudulent activities. This practice leads to wasted resources on unnecessary background checks, false jurisdictions, and heightened hiring risks. 

“We’re seeing many examples of fraudulent identities that could be misidentified as a Social Security Number match to a name, creating false jurisdiction and extra costs,” said Kym Kurey, Vital4’s Director of Strategic Accounts. “CRAs assume it’s legit information and move to the next step, potentially leading to risky hires.” 

Example 1: The Associated SSN Dilemma

A recent case study featuring a candidate (let’s call him Michael Smith) illustrates this issue. At Vital4, the SSN trace for Michael Smith yielded no results. In contrast, a competitor had found a match and returned inaccurate information. We investigated this further and discovered that the submitted SSN was associated with Michael Smith but did not actually belong to him. This is a common example that we see happening with our competitors. 

“At Vital4, we don’t want any associated socials; we only want what belongs to the Social Security number,” Kym explained. “If we can’t confirm the information with 100% confidence, we won’t guess. We prioritize returning accurate information over piecing together associated socials.” 

Example 2: Dealing with Deceased Records

Another alarming scenario involves competitors overlooking deceased individuals using a deceased person’s SSN. In another case study, Vital4’s data correctly flagged the information as a death record, where as a competitor validated the inaccurate data, exposing employers to the risk of hiring someone using false credentials. 

“Our competitors, in this case, were further validating inaccurate information, allowing someone to use a deceased individual’s SSN for an extended period,” Kym remarked. “This poses significant risks to employers.” 

VITAL4TRACE by Vital4: The Gold Standard in SSN Tracing

Vital4’s solution, VITAL4TRACE, is the gold standard in SSN tracing, prioritizing accuracy over quantity. Unlike competitors, VITAL4TRACE prohibits providing information unless it’s confirmed as the most current and accurate available. We help eliminate the risk of passing on inaccurate data by ensuring only the most valid and relevant information is delivered. 

Our confidence in VITAL4TRACE is rooted in our meticulous testing against competitors. We have unparalleled access and data, eliminating uncertainties and providing clarity to our clients. 

Protecting Employers and Preserving Credibility 

The ramifications of inaccurate SSN tracing extend beyond resource wastage, false jurisdictions, and increased costs. Competitors’ practices can severely compromise the credibility of Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs).  

VITAL4TRACE is the most accurate and reliable SSN tracing solution, helping to safeguard employers from hiring risks and upholding the integrity of pre-employment screening. When it comes to SSN tracing, choose confidence over guesswork.

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