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We are a cloud software company that offers a globally accessible due diligence data search. Our software delivers quality and up-to-date data that will help your organization save time, money and mitigate risk with customers, suppliers, contractors, partners, volunteers, and associated third-party relationships.

Prevent Money laundering, fraud and corruption during the COVID-19 crisis while helping small businesses apply for PPP and EIDL loans

Free Vital4 AML/KYC Subscription

Vital4 is preventing financial crime, terrorism, fraud and corruption by providing some of the world’s largest organizations with AI driven data screening and monitoring solutions. Vital4Search is an automated due diligence tool that encompasses world class compliance, coverage, accuracy and cost. VITAL4KYC is being offered free of charge to small banks and credit unions who are providing SBA loan services to small businesses during COVID-19.

Best in breed Healthcare Screening in the fight against COVID-19

Free Vital4Med Subscription

In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare facilities everywhere are not only running low on tangible resources such as masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, but also on healthcare providers themselves to support the growing need for patient care.

Vital4Med is the most advanced healthcare screening solution to keep your organization compliant during this critical time. Vital4Med screens your healthcare providers for disciplinary actions, sanctions, exclusions, malpractice, fraud, negative licensure status and more.  Additionally we can monitor any changes or updates to their records in real time. VITAL4MED automates the screening, monitoring and reporting of daily, weekly, and monthly checks of your healthcare team, to ensure full compliance and the highest degree of patient care.


Our data gives you deep insight



Watch lists
and Sanctions


Exposed Persons


ID Validation


Vital4’s tech-driven due diligence is much more accurate, has a much wider reach, and costs much less than legacy providers.

Vital4 was built with four fundamental concepts in mind:



Every day, thousands of global sources inform Vital4’s SaaS platform assuring compliance with all regulatory frameworks.



We are a leader in using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to collate and analyze data with unsurpassed accuracy.

Global Insight

Global Insight

Vital4’s deep global network of data sources protects your organization from due diligence blind spots that others miss.



No manual processing means Vital4’s platform is available at a value that legacy providers can’t begin to compete with.

Our team

Kristin Stafford

Kristin is the founder and CEO of Vital4. Kristin oversees day to day operations of Vital4 including compliance, customer support  (more…)


Amy Barbieri
Co Founder, Chief Revenue Officer
& VP of Marketing

Amy oversees Vital4’s marketing and business development efforts. Amy brings a wealth of knowledge in international background (more…)


Patrick Deeb
Chief Technology

Patrick brings along with him 20 years of Finance, Accounting, and Information Technology experience. He spent 15 years  (more…)


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