Watch Lists & Sanctions

Vital4WLS utilizes over 3,000 Government Published Watch Lists from around the globe.

Our solution is the most robust on the market.  This means we can equip users with current and aged data that enables them to determine if a subject (entity or individual) is involved in crimes, terrorism, corruption or financial regulatory actions.

Vital4WLS offers mission critical features that help keep organisations compliant and safe.

  • FCRA Compliant
  • Chain-of-command search details for audit purposes
  • Custom selection score matching percentages
  • Expert data sourcing team continuously auditing global sources for the most inclusive up-to-date information
  • Global translation and transliteration services
  • Algorithms to reduce false positives
  • Refreshed data every 24 hours
  • Batch upload via Excel & CSV files
  • Use of “fuzzy logic” for best-in-class name matching
  • Search individual or business

Vital4WLS can be engaged with using one of three convenient options:

  • State-of-the-art, cloud-based software with a user-friendly interface
  • Easy and cost-efficient API integration
  • CSV, XML or other available downloadable format

Why Global Watch List & Sanctions Screening?

  • Best Practice Compliance
  • Corporate Risk-Management
  • Reputational Damage Prevention
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • FCPA & UK Bribery Act Compliance
  • Third Party Risk-Management

Watch List Screening identifies:

  • Individuals involved in criminal activity
  • Terrorists
  • Financial Crimes
  • Financial Sanctions
  • Exclusions & Debarments
  • Disciplinary Actions