Vital4MEDIA searches media around the world for news of crime, corruption, terrorism, money laundering and unethical behavior. Checking adverse media can also be an early predictor of future watch list or sanctions listings.

Vital4MEDIA supports thousands of reputable global news sources. This robust solution crawls thousands of media sources all over the globe every 24 hours to obtain millions of articles with details associated with negative media. The articles identified and stored are searched within seconds to provide negative media results on an individual or a business entity.

Negative media coverage is a vital component of any robust due diligence program. Media sources often uncover news of unethical or criminal behaviour before formal government and international bodies. This means the rapid intelligence collected from breaking news helps ensure enterprises remain compliant and minimise corporate and third-party risk.

Why choose Vital4MEDIA?

  • Monitoring available: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • Millions of articles searched, qualified and stored within seconds
  • Proprietary algorithms that capture the most accurate and current data every 24 hours
  • Batch upload
  • FCRA compliant

Why search negative media?

  • Best practice compliance
  • Corporate risk-management
  • Reputational damage prevention
  • Regulatory requirements
  • FCPA & UK Bribery Act compliance
  • Third-party risk management