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Best in breed Healthcare Screening in the fight against COVID-19

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In the wake of COVID-19, healthcare facilities everywhere are not only running low on tangible resources such as masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment, but also on healthcare providers themselves to support the growing need for patient care.

Vital4Med is the most advanced healthcare screening solution to keep your organization compliant during this critical time. Vital4Med screens your healthcare providers for disciplinary actions, sanctions, exclusions, malpractice, fraud, negative licensure status and more.  Additionally we can monitor any changes or updates to their records in real time. VITAL4MED automates the screening, monitoring and reporting of daily, weekly, and monthly checks of your healthcare team, to ensure full compliance and the highest degree of patient care.

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Vital4MED is a powerful and fully compliant technology that provides screening of healthcare providers for best practice and to maintain healthcare screening regulatory compliance. Vital4MED is the only fully-automated solution which scans all US State and Federal exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions lists.

Our high-quality data covers all sources that include debarments, disciplinary actions, Federal & state level exclusions in accordance with the ACA (Affordable Care Act).

Healthcare screening regulations ensure society’s most vulnerable are in the best of hands. Non-compliance not only puts the sick and frail at risk, but can cause immense damage to healthcare providers who fail to screen staff and contractors effectively. Section 6501 of the Affordable Care Act states that if an individual is excluded from one state, they’re excluded from all states, so best practice screening must draw on all state and Federal exclusions, debarments and disciplinary actions lists to reduce regulatory and patient risk.

Other providers use a limited 3-tier system when providing healthcare sanction checks which can miss important results. Vital4MED includes all available U.S. Federal and state level exclusions lists. The listings cover any individual or entity which has been suspended or excluded from participation or otherwise sanctioned, under any Federal program. Some of the programs include the Department of Defense or the Department of Veterans Affairs, involving the provision of health care, or a state health care program, for reasons bearing on the individual’s or entity’s professional competence, professional performance, or financial integrity.

Also included in Vital4MED are State Board Disciplinary actions (revocations, surrenders, suspensions and probation/restrictions, etc.)

Additionally, Vital4MED identifies impostors/unlicensed practitioners (Individuals that have either applied for a position, been employed or represented themselves to others as a health care professional without evidence of a valid license or certificate to practice).

Why choose Vital4MED?

  • Where other solutions use a limited 3-tier search; Vital4MED searches all available Federal and state level exclusions lists and disciplinary actions with each search to ensure the most compliant search every time.
  • Source experts continuously update and add relevant sources
  • Data is refreshed every 24 hours
  • OIG – LEIE keeps your organisation compliant and safer