BUSINESS CREDIT & DUE DILIGENCE REPORT – Know who you are doing business with

VITAL4 Business Credit & Due Diligence Report offers a report that typically (per country as available) contains a wide variety of information. Example information includes: Verifying the trade name vs. the registered name; Historical data, address, shareholders/directors, capital and business activities; Number of employees; Credit risk rating; Trade and bank information; Credit limit recommendations; Other subsidiaries; Financial reporting; Private company vs public company; Searched against international crime watch lists, convictions and fraud. To ensure the quality of our international credit reports, V4D incorporates the following procedures: Validate all information by conducting interviews with the subject companies. Verify trade licenses and registrations by calling local government sources. Contact business and bank reference supplied on order. Only utilize the primary independent credit reporting resources. This report also includes a “VITAL4 SEARCH REPORT”. This report includes up to 2 said Directors or Shareholders. VITAL4 SEARCH utilizes over 1500 Government Published Watch Lists, 30,000 Media Sources, and over 4,000 country-specific, political office records from around the globe to determine if a subject (business or individual) is involved in crimes, corruption, financial regulatory actions, negative media or are politically exposed.