International Background Screening

Dispute Resolution Policy

VITAL4DATA’s Dispute Resolution Policy & Procedures

VITAL4DATA maintains stringent processes that warrant precise and appropriate data when providing global background screening results and reportage to our partners.

Due to the nature of our third-party relationships with authorized global agents when we are not authorized to directly contact a source, there is always room for interpretation when a subject’s information is presented back to V4D. Our commitment is to provide a seamless account of all subject data we obtain either direct from source or by submission from a third-party in all cases at all times.

If a subject determines that any portion of a background screening report that V4D has provided does not appear to be correct, the following procedures should be utilized to alert V4D of the discrepancy, so it may be properly analyzed and resolved according to compliance standards.

Step One:

The disputing party should contact VITAL4DATA via one of the following contact options:
1. By Phone: 770.763.8931
2. Via Email Notification: dmarchand@VITAL4.net
3. By Certified Mail: VITAL4DATA, LLC
Attn: Dispute Resolution
3901 Mary Eliza Trace NW
Suite 203
Marietta, GA 30064

A. If contact option “#1” is utilized, the subject should advise the V4D answering party they are calling regarding a “Dispute” and be ready to provide the details listed in “B” below.

B. The following details should be included in written communication:
1. The subject’s legal name
2. The subject’s DOB
3. The date that the background screening was authorized by subject.
4. The type of screening performed.
5. The details the subject is disputing and why it is disputed?
6. How the screening results negatively impacted the subject.
7. Contact details for the subject.

Step Two:

The information obtained from the subject surrounding their dispute will be documented, researched and the subject will receive a formal letter describing all action taken and the results by certified mail (copied to subject’s email if applicable), within 30 days post receipt.

V4D will utilize third party dispute resolution via the BBB EU Privacy Shield Program.

Step Three:

If subject still does not feel their dispute has been resolved satisfactorily, they will need to provide this in writing by certified mail to the address below and follow the instructions on filing a formal complaint with the applicable governing body as provided in the Dispute Resolution Result letter received in Step Two.

Attn: Dispute Resolution
3901 Mary Eliza Trace NW
Suite 203
Marietta, GA 30064